It is not often that we who grieve may find a safe place to do so. I do not mean that many of us feel threatened where we are, but that we do not feel comfortable expressing ourselves after society’s standard mourning period of 2-4 weeks (sometimes less!).

It is my hope that this place will become a safe place for you to laugh, cry, share, and remember your loved ones without criticism, expectations of behavior, or a feeling of needing to “rush” through the grieving process.

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Our family lost my Baby Brother Derek on of all day’s Mother’s Day (no day is ever good). Not until years later would I have a revelation of Derek was in Heaven having a marvelous, wonderful time and was waiting for us and we were the ones left behind. Had been collecting and reading stories on Heaven since late 80’s. Few of my favorites: Google: David Wilkerson’s 1979 article “Ultimate Healing”, wonderful. Rebecca’s Springer: “Within Heaven’s Gates” (or known also Intra Muros); there’s more would have to find my list. Recently read “Heaven is For Real” by Vincent/Burpo (and agree 100%; someone recently shared John Paul Jackson’s experience of Heaven; I’ve met people and collected their stories and the consensus is the same and they have never met each other). Then heard one of my favorite messages “Wounded and Betrayed Believer’s Are Useful to God” by Graham Cooke; one of the most life changing messages for me ever regarding Loss and the why of it all=it was so profound and simple). Best wishes. Psalms 27:4


    • Thank you for message of hope and encouragement. I’m so sorry to hear of your family’s loss. Books and stories are often very helpful and precious things to those who are grieving. They were for me. 🙂


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